How Teenager Sally Shapiro is Looking Out for Youth Mental Health During Quarantine

Covid-19 rocked our lives like we never expected. What was supposed to be a two week break from school turned into months, and families across the United States are now on unemployment and loan services. Among many new developments, the mental health of teenagers has become a pressing issue. Quarantine can be a number of…

A Comprehensive Guide to Pronouns in the Digital Realm

I want to preface this article by saying that as a cis person, I cannot speak for the trans community, but instead I will advocate for awareness as best I can. Feel free to email if this article has any shortcomings. Sources will be listed at the end of this article.  Explaining to my…

Poetry by Jade Lee

“If you gave the unemployed street poet 5 dollars and five minutes in 2020,” by Jade Lee This is the third day I’ve gone without washing my face in the morning,  It’s one of those things, I guess,  Wake up, make your bed, shake the oatmilk, how much is a teaspoon  Of Nescafe exactly  Hold…

“Ode to Shutdown Los Angeles,” by Oona Lulu

I count moments in Los Angeles like  Dying breaths.  Bellies rumble like earthquake shakes, what a mighty force she beckons,  we all want less of her fault and more  Of her quiver, We want your surrender, Los Angeles. Give us your “booms” “busts” and figures. Give us your natural desert suntanned glow.  Your roots gentrified….

A Note on This Month’s Theme: ACTION

This year is, and forever will be, a year that we truly experienced together. I don’t think we ever will have a year quite like this one, and I hope we won’t ever have to again. It was exhausting, stressful, and horribly anxiety-provoking.