Welcome to The *Radical and Radiant Online Magazine

rad·i·cal/ˈradək(ə)l/ : excellent; wonderful; cool; rad.

ra·di·ant/ˈrādēənt/ : sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

Hello friend! We are so glad you’ve found us. While we’re together, let us tell you a bit about ourselves.

The Rad Mag is committed to providing an online space for young artists, creatives and activists to uplift and promote themselves and one another. We believe in positive, but challenging conversations; open and welcoming spaces and the power of art to bring us together.

Founded in 2020 by Oona Lulu, this Los Angeles based magazine highlights the accomplishments, creations and ideas of the new generations.

*Important note about the word choice “Radical.” In no way are we associated with RadFems or their beliefs. Our Rad does not stand for exclusionary behavior of any kind. We wish to be both radical and radiant, in positive, forward-thinking ways. Our Radical challenges the ideas of oppression and exclusionary thinking. *