Cloe Wilder’s New EP “Teenage Lullabies” and Her Thoughts On Social Media and Authenticity

In February I had the pleasure of sitting down with singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder. She met me with a bright smile and relentless enthusiasm, along with the most fabulous sweater covered in crochet cherries and matching cherry earrings.  At 15-years-old, Cloe is releasing her first EP “Teenage Lullabies,” a seven-track journey through teenage heart-throbs and chasing…

The Philosophy of Toxic Positivity

A little self-help never hurt anybody, until it gets taken too far. “Thinking positively” is often the advice given when someone is going through a difficult time in their lives: shut out the negative energy, good vibes only, be happy! This is called toxic positivity; the overwhelmingly cheerful notion that thinking or spreading happy thoughts…

Foods You Should Make to Celebrate Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! And 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) to anyone and everyone celebrating Chinese New Year! Every year, there’s one holiday I always look forward to more than others in the wintertime. Ever since my grandparents moved to the United States to be closer to my family, Chinese New Year has become…


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Rad Mag is so excited to be featuring Marinna Benzon. Marinna is a Los Angeles based actor, poet, and filmmaker whose work focuses on uplifting the voices of BIPOC and queer artists. Her newly published chapbook “Millenial Dogeater” is a beautiful portrait of what being a first-generation, queer woman is like in America. To view more of her work, you can visit

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